Top 10 Songs - 2010

Based on my list last year and Trent's Annual List (not yet posted) I've decided to post what are my Top 10 Songs of 2010

#10) Taio Cruz - Dynamite

Oh man, this song is great. I would get so excited when it came on the radio and would car dance to it every single time. This has definitely been a solid year for Taio Cruz - between Dynamite and Break Your Heart, Taio has really made a name for himself and I am sure this is not the end. I can only hope for more catchy hits in 2011 from Mr. Cruz!

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I hope to have a top movies list coming soon!



Top 10 Songs of 2009

I saw Trent's Top 10 Songs of the Year Post, and felt I also wanted to do one!
So, alas, I present to you, my Top 10 Songs of 2009

#10 - If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback
Gotta give some Canadian love in here, even if it is #10. This song is so inspirational for me. I heard it the first time when I was working on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and it truly inspired me to push forth in my career and gave me the courage to make some calls this summer. The melody is just haunting.

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I hope to also do one for Movies and TV shows, if anyone would be interested. Also to come is my annual Year in Review post, and I also want to do something special for a decade in review, but those might come after the New Year.